Major Needs

The program and services expansion plans and projects on this page are large ticket items. Put another way, they cost “big bucks.” However, these plans truly lead to wellness – for homeless men, women and children; for the Eugene Mission; and ultimately for the Eugene community. When homeless men and women “get well” and get off the streets and back into society everybody wins!

Fact: We need about $1,000,000 more each year to become the Wellness Center we envision!

Truly, it is not easy for us to ask for money in such a bold way.   We ask you, our donors and supporters, because this Mission is YOURS! It belongs to the Eugene/Springfield community and is one of the key long-term solutions to tackling the complex problem of homelessness in this area.

How can you help? If you are already giving regularly, can you increase your donation? If you don’t give regularly, perhaps now is the time to start? And finally, if you have a group or organization who can give a sizeable donation – think of the Eugene Mission and its positive impact in our community. THANK YOU for considering the Eugene Mission!

For almost 60 years the Eugene Mission has relied on God’s provision, though caring folks like YOU, and we believe He will continue to provide for our needs for the next 60 years.

Here are key immediate and long-term financial needs.


We are serving 500-700 people each day, 24 hours a day, with a small but dedicated and loving staff. We have determined that for us to focus on being more than just a “homeless shelter,” but rather a WELLNESS Center, we need to add Social Services, Life Change Program, and Guest Services Supervisor staffing. By adding personnel in these three key areas, we make an impact on homelessness in Lane County in the following ways:

Social Services/Counseling
Our social services case managers meet with guests one-on-one to help them overcome the barriers in their lives that have led them to homelessness to begin with. Many of our guests will remain “stuck” if they do not have someone to care enough to invest time and energy in them. Not only do our social services staff direct guests to area housing, medical, employment, and addiction recovery agencies, they ensure that positive and supportive follow through is taking place so that guests find their way out of the Eugene Mission and into better suited, permanent solutions.

Cost: We need to add at least 6 full-time Case Managers to serve the current population of 400 guests staying with us at any one time. With salaries, taxes and benefits, we need approximately $300,000 per year.

Life Change Program
We are excited to see our Life Change Program grow and expand, offering a FREE 12-18 month relapse prevention program to address deep issues for those who truly commit to changing their lives. Upon graduation, our hope is that these men and women have skills to make lasting changes that will return them to productive and Godly members of the community – with jobs (or other sustainable income sources) and housing. As the Life Change Program continues to expand, we will need staffing and volunteers to meet the growing needs of teaching, training, and supervising Life Change members. We MUST raise additional funds to continue the Life Change Program. At $5,000 to change a person’s life, we are requesting that people, businesses, churches, and organizations sponsor one or more Life Change members to reach our goal of adequate annual funding of the program.

Cost: About $5,000 per 60 Life Change Members = $300,000 per year!

Guest Services Supervision
We don’t want to turn people away, but due to limited staffing, we are only able to utilize around 400 beds each night. However, we have the FOOD and the SPACE and the BEDS to shelter an additional 100 guests each night. What would it take to take 100 more people off the streets each day/night? STAFF to supervise the guests to ensure their safety and wellbeing. By adding additional direct guest services staff round the clock in each Center, we could easily take in more guests, thus getting more folks off of the streets, out of the woods, away from the river, and heading towards a path of wellness! And what is the cost to add additional staff?

Cost: At an additional cost of $5.50 per person x 100 additional persons x 365 days/year, the approximate cost to provide additional staff supervision to increase capacity is: $200,000 per year!

Men’s Shower Expansion/Remodel
Our current shower area is too small and cramped for the hundreds of guests who must shower nightly. Not only do we need to do major upgrading in one shower area (estimated cost of $80,000), but we would also like to build new showers in another area. Is this something you are able to help us with?

Painting of Mission Exterior
Building maintenance is so important, and most of our buildings are in need of new paint. Are you a commercial painter who would like to donate time and materials, or, is this something you or your group would like to fund?

Men’s Guest Entry/Courtyard
The Men’s Center guest entry consists of a gravel bike yard, a sagging awning, and a nondescript door. We want our entry to be welcoming, attractive, and to represent WELLNESS! We have plans for a courtyard with pavers, improved lighting, new bike racks, trees, shrubs, and a new entry. This is a sizeable, but very impactful project that could be tackled by one group or many. Interested in funding this undertaking?

Beautification of Mission Grounds
There are numerous areas around the 7.5 acres of Mission grounds that could use a landscaper’s touch, with raised beds, loam and, of course, plants and trees! We hope to landscape one area at a time, and bit by bit, improve the overall appearance of the grounds of the Mission. Let us know if you’d like to help!

Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the LORD delivers them in times of trouble.